Joyful Ministries Santa Fe

Joyful Ministries is a ministry called to establish His Kingdom on Earth as itMinistries Santa Fe - Joyful Ministries is in Heaven. It has been called by man a Safe Oasis. It is a place to come to become equipped, healed, encouraged, come into your new identity and to go forth for the Lord.

The Power of the Holy Spirit

Joyful Ministries is where the Holy Spirit is respected and welcomed to come and His presence is allowed to minister the Word. The Spirit can give newness of life when a person knows how much the Father loves them. The Spirit is gentle and loving to all. Reverend Judith Nowers, the pastor of Joyful Ministries, which is located at 1611 Siler Rd., Santa Fe, New Mexico, has seen many people be set free from bondage, the wounds from divorce, adverse lifestyles, depression, oppression, suppression and grief.

Learn how to Pray and the Learn about the Power of Prayer

Joyful Ministries is a place to help people pray with the authority that Jesus has given to each believer. Yet, we know people often perish for lack of knowledge. Therefore we are here to impart, anoint and equip the saints for the work of the ministry.

Joyful Ministries Event Calendar

Check out the Event Calendar and attend services at Joyful Ministries. All are invited to come celebrate the Word of God.

Joyful Ministries – Ministry for All God’s Children

Joyful Ministries is a ministry which teaches children to pray and grow in the Lord, as well as adults. Teaching the power of prayer and moving into being a prayer warrior for the Lord.

Joyful Ministries – Transformation through Prayer

We believe and are aware that God can transform communities, cities and Church Services Santa Fe - Joyful Ministries 1611 Silver Rd Santa Fecountries through prayer. We believe in reformation for Santa Fe, New Mexico and the United States. With this affirmation and loving intent we pray for God’s righteousness for the Seven Mountains (spheres), which are Education, Families, Art & Literature, Government, The Church, Media & Entertainment and Businesses.

Joyful Ministries Services – 9:30 a.m. – 12 p.m. Saturday 1611 Siler Rd., Santa Fe, NM

To Find Out More or to Make an Appointment Call 505-690-1495

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